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6-Light RGBW LED Cast Brass Underwater Spotlight NSC Kit, Landscape Lighting w/ NSC, Easy DIY Installation, LED Bulbs Included - OUWL-KIT-0001-RGBCW-6

6-Light RGBW LED Cast Brass Underwater Spotlight NSC Kit, Landscape Lighting w/ NSC, Easy DIY Installation, LED Bulbs Included - OUWL-KIT-0001-RGBCW-6
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6-Light RGBW LED Cast Brass Underwater Spotlight NSC Kit, Landscape Lighting w/ NSC, Easy DIY Installation, LED Bulbs Included - OUWL-KIT-0001-RGBCW-6

40.00 LBS
$103.25 OFF
$103.25 OFF
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Note: For longer runs, some applications may experience Voltage Drop. Click to learn more.


All bulbs should be programmed INDIVIDUALLY before they are installed permanently.
The RF signal will not penetrate water. So once they are installed in the fountain or pond you cannot change the programming unless you lift the fixture out of the water.

N.S.C. System Connection Example

OUW NSC Wiring System Connection Sample

A true DIY underwater light system is now capable of changing to a variety of colors, as well as a white bulb hue range from 2700k to 6500k, giving the ultimate level of lighting control. The low voltage, 12V underwater cast brass spotlight kit provides x6 cast brass, fully submersible underwater spotlights, x6 12V LED bulbs, x5 NSC jumpers to easily link your fixtures, x5 NSC t-connectors to provide installation flexibility, a 15ft power cord, as well as an outdoor transformer. AQLighting created this RGBW kit for unmatched lighting control, from RGBW technology to the no-splice connection (NSC). These underwater rated spotlights can be fully immersed in your pond, fountain, or buried in the earth to be used in place of an in ground spot light. With the NSC connection, and the remote for full lighting control, you can easily install this outdoor lighting kit for the most customized lighting experience to date.

N.S.C. Retrofit Adapter Diagram

NSC Retrofit Wiring Diagram

To retrofit this fixture to your existing lighting setup, simply use our retrofit adapter (available as additional option) and you can easily connect your new fixture without splicing any wires, saving you a lot of time during installation!

rgbw landscape light

Durability and Style

  • Engineered for lasting performance, this landscape lighting solution offers stunning RGBW colors, ensuring a resilient and captivating addition to your outdoor ambiance.
  • Effortlessly complementing any outdoor setting, the sleek and stylish RGBW LED Cast Brass Underwater Spotlight kit adds a touch of sophistication and visual allure to gardens, pool sides, and landscapes.
RGBW Landscape Light


  • Tailor your lighting experience by setting each fixture as its own individual zone or controlling all fixtures simultaneously. With RGBCW control, you can establish up to four different zones for personalized light displays.
  • The CW in RGBCW provides complete control over the white hue, allowing you to set it anywhere in the range of 2200k to 5000k. This flexibility ensures seamless integration with your existing outdoor lighting, eliminating concerns about mismatched bulb coloration.
  • Unlock a spectrum beyond the traditional red, green, and blue with RGB functionality. The included remote offers a full range of colors, allowing you to create dynamic displays. Celebrate the 4th of July with red, white, and blue or set an eerie ambiance with orange, purple, and cool white for a spooky haunted house. The color possibilities are limitless, offering endless creative potential.
RF Remote

RGBCW Remote Controller

  • Manage your landscape lights effortlessly or create a playful holiday light display with just one click. Our user-friendly system puts control at your fingertips.
  • Unleash your creativity with the color wheel, allowing you to craft playful mixes of colors. Alternatively, effortlessly set the perfect white hue to seamlessly match your existing light display.
  • Transform your outdoor ambiance from the comfort of a lawn chair. Easily switch up your light displays to celebrate holidays or enhance decorations for family gatherings, adding a touch of magic to every moment.
RF Remote

RGBCW Mr16 Bulb

  • Bring your landscape to life effortlessly with vibrant colors or pristine white hues, perfectly tailored to complement any ambiance or occasion.
  • Unleash your creativity and craft captivating light displays with playful mixes of colors. Alternatively, effortlessly set the perfect tone to enhance your existing lighting setup, ensuring a seamless and stunning visual experience.
  • Whether the dog decided the remote was a chew toy or the kids brought it for a swim, we've got you covered. Our bulbs offer app control, ensuring you can manage your lights hassle-free even if the unexpected that we expected happens
  • For on-the-go control, our Android and iPhone apps are available. Simply Click Here to download and experience the convenience of managing your lights from your mobile device.

No Splice Connection Wiring System

Introducing the No Splice Connection System (NSC): The easiest way to illuminate your landscape! Designed for the average joe looking to enhance their outdoor space with landscape lighting, NSC saves you time and requires no knowledge of connecting wires or lighting applications. Our patented system features threaded male and female adapters, allowing you to effortlessly connect fixtures together. Say goodbye to splicing wires and hello to a simple screw-on technique! With NSC, multiple fixtures can be easily connected, thanks to our T-connector, X-connector, Jumpers, and Power Connects. Available in various lengths, our cables cater to any application. It's plug-and-play, making installation a breeze. No more exposed wires or complex installations! Experience the convenience and simplicity of NSC today. Illuminate your landscape with ease and transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. Upgrade to NSC and let your lights shine bright!NSC Connection Close Up


  • 6x OUW-0001 Fixtures
  • 6x RGBCW 12V LED Bulbs
  • 1x Outdoor Rated Transformer
  • 1x 30ft NSC Power Connector
  • 5x NSC T-Connectors
  • 5x 15ft NSC Jumpers
  • 1x RF Remote
Fixture(s) Specifications
Control Options Android and Iphone app available
RGBCW Controller also Available
Transformer Outdoor-rated w/ timer
Transformer Timer LED Dusk to Dawn
or Backdown Timer
Color Capability RGBCW Red, Green, Blue,
White 2200K-5000K Controllable
Material Cast Brass
Voltage 12V AC/DC
Socket Type GU5.3 JC Bi-Pin
Bulb Type MR16
Power Rating 35w Max
Wiring 8" N.S.C. 2-Pin Lead
Mounting Surface Mounting Base
App Instructions Download

Dimension Diagram

12V Cast Brass NSC Adjustable Underwater Spotlight PUDX-L-77 Dimensions Diagram

This unit is an NSC light fixture, which means that it offers the same benefits as commercial grade lighting, but without the need for hard wiring. The NSC system uses a water-tight 2-pin connection, each of which is IP68 rated—to ensure wiring is protected and the polarity is consistent.

For more info, please view our NSC article:

The most common cause of damage in submersible pond & fountain lights are due to user error during installation. Therefore it's crucial to choose high quality fixtures that offer multiple safeguards from user error and a strong build construction to maximize the fixture's longevity.

For more info, please view our leak prevention guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Face Solid Brass Spotlight

What tips are recommended to preserve the fixtures longer and also be easier to open when their light bulbs go out?

LED bulbs can last a very long time so if this fixture is submerged for multiple years it may be difficult to remove the cover screws. So we recommend using anti-seize on every thread.

Why is there a floating socket?

When the socket is at the bottom of the fixture it is very difficult to install the bulb. You can't get your fingers inside the fixture with a bulb in your hand. Also, it keeps the bulb tight against glass so that you have optimal light output.

How deep in the water can these be placed?

Most underwater fountain lights are rated for up to 1 meter.

If I wanted this in a jacuzzi, how would the heat effect the fixture or wiring?

Pond and fountain lights must be rated to be installed in pools and jacuzzis. A fountain light could be rated for a fountain but not rated for a pool or a jacuzzi so you have to be very careful before installing any luminaire in or near water. All electrical codes must be followed.

For the raw brass finish, what could I apply to the fixture to preserve the look if I wanted to avoid pool chemicals.

Brass will patina to a dark brown color so it doesn't really require any type of sealer or protective coating. With that being said, if there are too many chemicals or if the ph is unbalanced brass can be destroyed. Brass is composed of copper and zinc. The harsh chemicals and ph can actually separate the 2 metals.

How does the water effect the light output for this fixture?

Water diffuses light rapidly so the deeper you place the fixture the brighter the bulb you may want . Keeping a tighter beam spread will also help.

NSC Installation Guide

Intro to NSC (No Splice Connection) Systems

Product Showcase - Underwater Spotlights

Product Showcase - RGBW Lighting

How to Use The No Splice Connection (NSC) System

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