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Underwater & Fountain Lights

Your Ideal Fountain Lights

Pools and fountains may look great during the day, but they can look bland and dreary without any lights at night. Add some ambiance to your outdoor spaces with our submersible fountain lights. You’ll find a wide range of options to enhance your home.

In addition to lights, we have pumps, junction boxes, and mist makers. Turn your fountain or pool into a beautiful night display for visitors.

Why Fountain Lighting

If you’ve been looking for somewhere to buy underwater fountain lights, look no further. We have some of the best products available at amazing prices.

Improved Aesthetics

Use our lights to highlight the fountain’s architectural beauty or create glowing arcs of water with the addition of nozzles. It will illuminate its surroundings, providing you with a decorative piece that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention.

Great Value

Save money on lighting by ordering from AQLighting Group. Use our special discounts to get the most value out of your investment. You’ll also avoid high maintenance costs by investing in durable products.

Enhanced Safety

Of course, lighting up your yard deters criminals from entering your property. How you light up your yard is the difference between making it look like a sports field at night or a beautiful relaxing atmosphere that all of your friends will want to hang out in. Lighting up your fountain or water feature is a great way to create the atmosphere that everyone enjoys and at the same time help keep your property safe.

Advice from an Expert

It’s crucial to choose the correct lights for your fountain or water feature. Some things that you will want to consider is the color temperature of light, how many fixtures to use, where to place them and how bright of a bulb you should use. Ensure you make the best lighting decisions with help from our industry experts.

Ways to Use Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting can be used with all kinds of fountains:

Sculptural Fountains

This is perhaps the most obvious way to use underwater lighting. Use it with a sculptural fountain to bring highlight the main focal point. This will make it look significantly more dramatic and eye-catching than natural light.

Floating Fountains

You can fit lights to a floating fountain’s floatation device, and it’s almost a waste if you don’t. You can easily see it devices during the day. However, it’s practically invisible at night, and the lights strengthen the illusion that water is magically spouting out from nowhere.

Dancing Fountains

Combine coordinated nozzles, changing light colors, and maybe some music, and you’ve got a spectacular show. Remember that you’ll also need advanced software and a skilled technician to put this all together.

Water Curtains

Water curtains are one of the most modern fountain designs. Lights complete their look, turning them into a dynamic, delicate, and dazzling display.

AQLighting’s Underwater Fountain Lights

Lighting up your fountain or water feature can be an extremely rewarding experience. There isn’t a night that goes by that I’m not either sitting outside near my water fountain or in the very least peering out the window admiring how beautiful it is. Lighting up your water feature is an investment that you want to correctly install the first time. That’s why AQ Lighting’s underwater lights were designed to last. As well as being rugged, AQ Lighting’s underwater lights are a cinch to install. What makes AQ Lighting’s underwater lights so easy to install? AQ Lighting’s patented no splice connection system. AQ Lighting has developed a system using jumpers and T’s that simply screw together creating a waterproof connection. No more expensive underwater junction boxes or undependable, leaky splices. Do it right and make it last!

Illuminate Your Water Features with Fountain Lights that were meant to Last

AQ Lighting’s underwater fountain lights are made from solid cast brass. They are rugged and meant to stand the test of time. Pair them with an AQ Lighting brand LED bulb and you will enjoy thousands of hours of tranquil beauty. Check out AQ Lighting’s collection of underwater lights and you find a variety of shapes and sizes that will make your water feature look light it should belong in a home and garden magazine.

Transform your Fountain or Water Feature into a Beautiful Work of Art

You’ve already invested in a beautiful fountain or water feature. Why aren’t you enjoying it at night? The tranquil splashing of a fountain or the steady lapping of the rapids in your pond are unarguably soothing but step up your game and become mesmerized when you just add a little bit of light.

Underwater Pond Lights: Submerge Your Space in Radiance

Create a serene and enchanting atmosphere with our underwater pond lights. These lights are designed to submerge beneath the surface, casting a gentle and alluring glow that enhances the natural beauty of your pond. Explore the possibilities of underwater pond lights to add tranquility to your outdoor space.

Lighting for Fountains: Unleashing the Power of Illumination

Experience the transformative effect of our lighting for fountains. Whether you have a grand centerpiece fountain or smaller water features scattered across your landscape, our fountain lights are engineered to highlight the architectural details and water movement, creating a visual masterpiece that complements your outdoor design.

Fountains Become Majestic under the Moon and Stars

Don’t just hide away in your house when the sun goes down. This is when your fountain or water feature transforms into a majestic work of art. The combination of cascading water and dancing light creates a soothing yet captivating atmosphere. AQ Lighting’s underwater light fixtures allow you to create a symphony of reflections that is guaranteed to soothe.

Underwater Fountain Lights FAQs

What color temperature should I use?

This is a great question, but there really is no wrong answer. In general, a warm white 2700k to 3000k is the most common for all lighting. It’s perfectly fine to use warm white in a fountain. The warm white will create a very calm, soothing atmosphere. If you would like to add a little more shimmer and sparkle, then you may want to go with 5000k or 6000k. The cooler color temperature will really make your fountain dance.

Do I need a transformer?

If you are using AQ Lightings underwater lights then yes, you will need a 12-volt AC transformer. 12 volt is the safest and most cost-effective way to light up your water features. Low voltage lighting is typically cheaper then 120-volt fixtures and there’s also a greater variety that will suit almost any application.

How do I make my underwater splices watertight?

With AQ Lighting’s underwater light fixtures you will not need to make underwater splices. AQ Lighting’s main line of brass underwater lights come standard with the No Splice Connection (NSC) system. Each fixture comes with a male watertight power lead. Then we use a series of T’s, X’s and jumpers to link from one fixture to the next. Every connection creates a worry free IP68, watertight union that is simple and easy. AQ Lighting’s underwater light system is truly plug and play. Homeowners and professionals alike will love this system.

How many lights do I need?

For most fountains I almost always recommend at least 2 lights even when you are only trying to light up 1 face. 1 fixture may provide enough light for a small fountain but quite often 1 fixture leaves a lot of shadowing and dark spots. Of course, when you need to view your water feature from multiple angles or 360° then you will need a minimum of 4 lights in the base and 1-3 lights in each basin, depending on size.

Is there a difference between fountain lights and pond lights?

No, the main thing is that the fixtures are IP68 rated underwater fixtures. One thing to note is that most underwater fixtures are only rated for up to 1 meter in depth so be careful when you are trying to use them in deep ponds. Some people with deep ponds, instead of placing the fixture on the pond bottom, will elevate the fixture so it’s in shallower water.

Do underwater fixtures require maintenance?

Annual maintenance of underwater fixtures is highly recommended. Halogen bulbs used to burn out much quicker than LED bulbs, so maintenance was inevitable. However, LED bulbs could last for years which could lead to the lack of maintenance. This could be a double-edged sword. Yes, it’s great to have 1 less chore but when that LED bulb does give up you may not be able to open the fixture without a lot of elbow grease. That is why annual maintenance is recommended. Maintenance can be as simple as cleaning the lens, conditioning all gaskets or O-rings with a silicon base grease and finally using an anti-seize lubricant on all threads when reinstalling any fasteners.

What are the different sizes of underwater lights?

AQ Lighting’s family of brass underwater lights range from 2 5/8” diameter up to 6” in diameter. The OUW-007 is 2 5/8” diameter and accepts an MR11 bulb. Our LED MR11 bulb is 2.5 watts and approximately 160-180 lumens. The OUW-0001 is 3 3/8” diameter and accepts an MR16 bulb. Our MR16 bulbs range from 3.6 to 7 watts and produces 320 to 560 lumens. The big boy in the group is the OUW-003. This guy is 6” in diameter and accepts a PAR 36 bulb. Our PAR 36 bulbs range from 5.9 to 17 watts and produces 500 to 1400 lumens. No matter how large or small your fountain is AQ Lighting has a fixture that will fit.

What makes AQ Lighting’s No Splice Connections (NSC) so great?

In short, speed, dependability, affordability, and convenience. No underwater splice is faster or more dependable than simply screwing an IP68 male and female connector together. Affordability, because you don’t need to purchase underwater junction boxes or underwater splicing kits. Convenience, because the entire system quickly screws together which means that the entire system quickly uninstalls. If you have to perform any kind of maintenance or if you winterize your water feature, then uninstalling your fixtures quickly is just as important as installing them quickly. AQ Lighting’s NSC system is superior in every way.

Do underwater lights have to be submersed?

When using halogen bulbs, because of the heat they produce, it is highly recommended that fixtures be submersed. In fact, some larger halogen fixtures must be submersed or they will quickly burn out. The majority of AQ Lighting’s underwater fixtures are sold with LED bulbs so heat build up is not an issue. With LED bulbs AQ Lighting’s fixtures do not have to be submersed. In fact, our underwater fixtures also make great in ground well lights.

How many underwater lights can I connect using the NSC system?

This will depend on the total distance of power connectors and jumpers, the wattage of each fixture and the gauge of NSC wire that you use. This is because of voltage drop which depends on distance, wattage or load and the size or gauge of the wire. A standard LED bulb requires approximately 9-15 volts to operate so if any fixture on your run has less than 9 volts it may not work. So how do you fix voltage drop? One option, but not typically a good one, would be to use lower wattage bulbs. A better solution would be to use heavier gauge wire. The NSC system offers standard 16 gauge or heavy duty 12 gauge for the long runs or high wattage fixtures. Another solution is to create multiple runs. Instead of 1 long run of fixtures jumping from one fixture to the next until you get to the end, break it up into multiple shorter runs with less fixtures on each run. If this answer still seems a little confusing, don’t worry. AQ Lighting has a full staff that can help with technical questions like this.