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Quality Step and Deck Lights for Your Property

Safety & Beauty - You can have it all!

AQ Lighting has the step and deck lights that you need to make your project spectacular. Our fixtures are designed to fulfill a variety of needs like creating safe spaces, relaxing ambience or amazing aesthetics and curbside appeal. Design your step and deck lighting with safety in mind but don’t sacrifice beauty or elegance. Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry. AQ Lighting’s trained staff can help you illuminate just about anything. We’ll take all the details of your project into consideration and then recommend fixtures, hardware, and equipment that will make your project spectacular.

What Step and Deck Lighting Can do for You

If you think about step and deck lighting just in terms of safety, then you would install giant floodlights on tall poles and flood every path, set of steps or deck in bright light. That sounds more like a parking lot or a stadium than a home. AQ Lighting wants to help you transform your dark outdoor spaces into a captivating environment without sacrificing safety. Strategically placing fixtures along pathways, steps, and decks will create layers of sophistication and at the same time enhance safety by preventing slips and falls. With AQ Lighting’s step and deck lights you can create the perfect ambience for relaxing under the stars, entertaining guests or just showcasing your home’s curb appeal.

Types of Step and Deck Lights

AQ Lighting understands that all applications are not the same. Your outdoor space is as unique as you are, so AQ carries a diverse range of lighting from sleek and modern to rustic or traditional. We have a fixture for every taste.


Surface Mounted: Surface mounted step and deck lights are some of our most popular fixtures on our site. The simplicity of the installation is attractive to homeowners and professionals alike. We carry a wide variety of styles and even materials. Do you live by the coast where corrosion is an issue? No problem! AQ Lighting has you covered. Look for something in raw brass. It will never rust or corrode and will look great forever. If your conditions aren’t as harsh then look for our aluminum surface mounted step lights. They will do the same job just at a more affordable price.

Recessed Mounted: Recessed mounted step and deck lights will take a little more time to install but the result will be well worth it. Recessed mounted step and deck lights provide a seamless sophisticated look. They are installed flush to your working surface, so they create a soft, ambient light that doesn’t overpower your space. Their low-profile design is unassuming and will blend in with your architecture.

LED Strip Lighting: No set of stairs can be more dramatic than when they are illuminated with our LED strip lights. When the LED strips are placed beneath the nosing or edges of the steps it gives a glowing almost floating effect. This is not only a mesmerizing showstopper but it couldn’t be any safer. Of course, strip lighting isn’t just for steps; it looks incredible on decks as well. Place it on the underside of your handrail for a subtle yet striking glow that is sure to impress. If you would like even more illumination, try Installing LED strips around the bottom perimeter of your deck.

Louvered Step Lights vs. Open Step Lights

An open step light, whether it is recessed or surface mounted, just means that there is a clear or frosted lens protecting the light source and the light can spill out of the fixture in any direction. A louvered step light can have 1 or more louvers that direct the light downward. There are pros and cons to both.

Open Step Lights:


  • Typically produces more illumination because nothing obstructs the light.
  • Can work better for larger areas because it is brighter.


  • Because the light spills everywhere, open fixtures may cause a glare.
  • The glare can be extremely annoying if you are walking up a set of stairs and the fixture becomes eye level.


Louvered Step Lights:


  • Directs light downward, significantly reducing glare.
  • Illuminates 1 or 2 steps without overwhelming brightness.


  • Typically produces less illumination than an open step light.
  • Better suited for smaller areas.

Choosing between open or louvered step lights will depend on your application. If minimizing glare like on a set of steps is important then a louvered step light may be better suited. Whereas an open step light may be preferred when maximum illumination is the most important factor.

Surface Mounted vs. Recessed Mounted

Surface Mounted Step Lights:

  • Mount directly onto a surface like a step riser, deck post or retaining wall.
  • Typically consists of a thin plate or back box that resembles a shallow pancake junction box. The box houses the socket or integral light source.
  • Covers come in various styles like open, louvered or eyebrow and mount directly to the back box.
  • Usually protrude from the mounted surface 1”-2”.
  • Great for applications where recessing a back box is not possible or desired.

Recessed Step Lights

  • Requires a rough-in back box like a standard single gang outlet box or a manufacturer specific box.
  • The back box houses the sockets or the integral light source.
  • Like surface mounted lights, the cover mounts directly to the back box and comes in various configurations as well.
  • They typically protrude no more than a ½” from the surface so they create a much flusher appearance compared to a surface mounted fixture.
  • They are perfect for any application in which a low profile is preferred.