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RLM Gooseneck & Sign Lights

Black Metal Gooseneck Barn Light
Red Sign Light in Residential Home
Radial Wave Gooseneck Sign Lights

Outdoor RLM Barn and Gooseneck Lighting Fixtures

These fixtures have stood the test of time. Their beautiful, curved lines are not only stylish but they are just as functional today as they were 100 years ago.

Standard Outdoor Barn Light or Gooseneck Solar Light

If you have power at your desired fixture location, then a standard Gooseneck barn light is a great way to go. The problem is we don't always have power where we need light. Thanks to modern technology we can choose between installing a hard-wired gooseneck fixture or a solar powered gooseneck. No longer do you have to have go through the costly process of installing power at every location before you can have light.

Where to Use Exterior Gooseneck Lights

For residences, outdoor gooseneck lighting is a popular choice for framing front porches, garages, sheds, guesthouses, patios, and decks. But gooseneck lights also function, and look beautiful inside homes, including over vanities in bathrooms or as spotlights for particularly special artwork or décor. For commercial spaces, outdoor barn lights are very popular choices to illuminate business names on buildings or signs, and to frame entrances to small businesses, restaurants, retail stores, and industrial/warehouse spaces.

Gooseneck Fixtures: Versatility and Durability

The main reason that gooseneck lighting is so popular for both homes and commercial spaces is due to its versatility and durability. Barn lights are available in myriad finishes to match your overall design aesthetic. For example, outdoor gooseneck lighting is available in finishes including classic metal, bronze metal, vintage style metal, raw copper, granite silver, solid brass, and in bold painted finishes from red to white. Likewise, outdoor gooseneck lights come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, giving you countless choices.

Depending upon the look you’re going for, you’ll also find features such as fixed or adjustable headpieces, various voltage options, weatherproof design, optional angle glare shields, giving you the greatest amount of choice for your outdoor and sign lighting needs. Barn lights are also available with traditional swooping arms, or with modern, angular straight arms, or as LED linear sign lights, or spotlights, allowing you to create a modern, rustic, traditional, or sophisticated look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Outdoor Barn Lights and Gooseneck Fixtures

What are considered gooseneck lights?

As the name suggests, a gooseneck lighting fixture typically has an arm that extends straight out from a wall and then has a large sweeping loop where the shade and socket assembly are connected. Some gooseneck fixtures have a fixed shade, and some have an adjustable shade. An adjustable shade is particularly important when light needs to be directed as in the case of a sign light where the light is directed backwards towards the sign.

Do gooseneck lights have any advantages?

Gooseneck lights offer many advantages. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are extremely functional as well. Arms are typically offered in many shapes and sizes so gooseneck fixtures can adapt to almost any application. They are also very durable and long lasting. Additionally, they are very cost-effective so your budget will not be blown.

Where should you use a gooseneck light?

There are many common places where you will find a gooseneck fixture. They are not limited to just residential or just commercial. You will see them on either side of a residential entrance like a front door or garage door just as often as you will see them on a facade of a commercial building like a store or restaurant. They don’t call them barn lights for nothing so of course, you will find them on the exterior of barns. One of the great things about a gooseneck lighting fixture is that they are not limited to outdoors. You can find them indoors as well, in places like stores and restaurants. They do a great job lighting up wall mounted displays and even artwork when you’re looking for that retro look.

What types of bulbs are compatible with gooseneck lights?

This is a great question, but it depends on 2 things. What type of socket does your gooseneck have and what is your desired result of the produced light. A gooseneck fixture could have various types of sockets. Today, some of the most common types are the standard medium base socket, G5.3mm Bi-Pin, GU24 and no socket at all, meaning that it contains an integrated LED light source. No matter what type of socket a gooseneck light fixture has, the most important part about choosing a bulb is choosing the correct beam spread for your application. All bulbs are not the same. Some bulbs have a narrow 15° beam spread and some might have a 110° beam spread and everywhere in between. If you are aiming your gooseneck fixture back toward a wall and you are trying to light up something large you may need to spread the light out rapidly so you would use a bulb with a large beam spread like 110°. If you are lighting up something small like an address, then maybe a PAR bulb around 38° would work. Choose wisely and don’t be scared to test out different beam spreads until you find the one that works best for your application.

Are gooseneck lights energy-efficient?

Gooseneck lights can be very energy-efficient when used with LED bulbs. LED bulbs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last much longer, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting choice.

Can you use gooseneck lights indoors?

Absolutely! You can use gooseneck fixtures anywhere that you are trying to achieve that retro look and create great light. Gooseneck fixtures have fashion and function. Some retail stores will use goosenecks to shine back toward wall displays to light up their merchandise. You can position a gooseneck fixture above a piece of artwork or even above a sink in a country kitchen.