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Under Counter Under Cabinet Lighting for Kitchens


Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Options

Looking for low voltage under cabinet lighting options for your kitchen? Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about under cabinet lighting for kitchens, with a focus on energy-efficient LED solutions.

LED Tape Light vs. LED Light Bar

LED tape light is a 12v or 24v low-voltage kitchen lighting option that is flexible and can fit into a wide variety of nooks and crannies. Light strips are extremely thin and offer high light output, making them perfect for discreet installation under kitchen cabinets. Tape light uses LEDs that require low voltage power and is an ideal choice when remodeling the kitchen or building a new home.

LED Light Bars are designed to work with 120v standard voltage. They come with a built-in diffuser lens that distributes light smoothly and evenly, eliminating any hot spots. Since most homes are already wired for 120v systems, LED Light Bars are a popular choice for relighting and retrofit projects because no additional changes to your electrical system are needed for installation.

What are LED Puck Lights?

LED puck lights are circular, "puck" shaped light fixtures that produce a focused top-down light output. They are commonly installed under kitchen cabinets for countertop illumination or directly placed on the ceiling as overhead lights. LED puck lights are a versatile choice, especially when paired with a dimmer to create the perfect ambiance. They are also energy-efficient, making them an eco-friendly option for your kitchen.

LED, Fluorescent, Xenon or Halogen Kitchen Lights?

Choosing the right type of lighting for your kitchen is crucial. Halogen lights, for example, use a tungsten filament and inert halogen gas for illumination. They are capable of high light output, making them ideal for task lighting in commercial and industrial settings. For kitchen lighting, halogen & xenon Light bar fixtures are a popular choice, as they provide bright and focused lighting.

Xenon lights also use gas to produce illumination by passing electricity through high-pressure xenon gas. Unlike halogen, xenon lamps produce remarkably little heat, which is perfect for long hours of operation in your kitchen without damaging sensitive countertop surfaces. Xenon lights are known for their even and gentle illumination, preventing glare reflections from shiny surfaces like granite. Considerxenon & halogen puck lights for your cabinet lighting needs.

Fluorescent lamps have come a long way in terms of reliability and performance. They offer smooth and even lighting with no hotspots, making them suitable for kitchens and work areas. Fluorescent lighting is energy-efficient and has minimal heat buildup, similar to xenon lights. However, they are not dimmable, so consider your lighting needs when choosing fluorescent fixtures.

LED or Light Emitting Diodes are a modern and energy-efficient choice for kitchen lighting. They offer high output comparable to halogen lights and provide full-range dimming capabilities. LEDs also offer customization in color temperature, light diffusion, and output. If you're looking for a modern, efficient, and customizable kitchen lighting source, LEDs are an excellent choice. Ensure your kitchen area is equipped with a transformer or low voltage electrical outlet for LED installation.

Recessed Kitchen Cabinet & Ceiling Lights

Recessed Lighting is ideal for illuminating inside kitchen cabinets. Its recessed installation allows it to remain low profile and unnoticeable, perfect for lighting inside display cabinets with glass or transparent doors. The adjustable gimbal feature also makes directional lighting a breeze. Simply rotate the housing to set the light to your desired orientation and get the exact lighting angle you need.

Our diverse line of hardwired & LED compatible under cabinet light fixtures are popular for lighting display cases, accent lighting for kitchen countertops, or creating mood & accent lighting. We offer both puck light and bar light fixtures in a wide variety of designs. Available in LED, halogen, or xenon lighting options, our expertly designed hardwired fixtures can accommodate a variety of lighting needs.

FAQs on Cabinet Lighting

What is considered under cabinet lighting?

Under cabinet lighting refers to fixtures that are installed underneath kitchen cabinets or shelves, providing additional lighting to work surfaces below.

What are the advantages of using under cabinet lighting?

Under cabinet lighting provides several benefits, including improved visibility and safety when preparing food or using kitchen appliances. It adds aesthetic appeal by creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in the kitchen and can increase energy efficiency by reducing the need for overhead lighting.

What types of bulbs are compatible with under cabinet lighting?

Under cabinet lighting can use a variety of bulbs, including LED, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs. Under cabinet lighting LED bulbs are popular due to their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low heat output.

How do you install under cabinet lighting?

Installation methods for under cabinet lighting vary depending on the fixture type. Some fixtures require hardwiring, while others can be plugged into an outlet. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and safety.

What are the different types of under cabinet lighting?

There are several types of under cabinet lighting, including puck lights, light bars, and tape lights. Puck lights are small, circular fixtures that can be installed individually or in a group. Light bars are longer, rectangular fixtures that provide more uniform lighting, while tape lights are flexible LED strips that can be cut to size and attached to surfaces.

Can under cabinet lighting be used in other settings besides the kitchen?

Yes, under cabinet lighting can be used in other settings such as bathrooms or closets. It provides additional lighting to work surfaces or can be used for accent lighting to highlight decorative elements.